Product Review: Whitfield’s Ointment

Our Jamaican have always faced fierce competition from our overseas counterparts. No matter what the product, whether or not it’s grown or made here, or if the price is fairly manageable and non-taxable, our products are always facing a serious challenge.

Part of it comes from the stigma that Jamaican products are not good or are inferior to our overseas counterparts or that our local producers send the best overseas and leave the little ‘flaw-flaw’ to the locals. Another part stems from the fact that many claim our local products are too pricey (despite the fact that many of our local products are non-taxed and actually work out cheaper than the foreign goods after tax is added).  And others are just very foreign minded. Whatever the reason is it needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW!

I’m a firm believer in Buy Jamaica and trying as best as possible to purchase our local products. Yes it may be a bit difficult since we do not make everything but the fact remains that if we don’t buy it who will? This neo-colonialist mentality where we appreciate overseas products more than our own needs to change and we need to start paying some attention to our own goods. Think of the multiplier effect if we did, I buy more local products, local business booms and invests in locals, more jobs, more income, less government taxes. The possibilities are endless!

That being said, I want to dedicate some time on my blog to promote as many local products as possible. My country, my products, my voice! So the product I want to introduce and speak to you today is called Bunny’s Whitfield’s Ointment made by a local company called Bunny Products.

This is an antifungal agent that treats fungal infections on areas such as the feet and sad to say I was a victim of this. It’s very embarrassing to admit but on the sole of my left foot I was having a fungal problem. It started with noticeable stripping off of the feet in one area and then completely spread across my feet to the heel and sides everywhere! It was a disaster and I was so embarrassed. I went to doctor who gave me an ointment and admittedly it came off at first but then the problem started again and the next 2 times I received the ointment didn’t help. What was I going to do now? L

One day I went shopping in Halfway Tree with my aunt and we went into Woolworth.  We were looking around and that’s when I saw this random product on the shelf. I read the label and just shrugged and said ‘I guess it couldn’t hurt’ and purchased it. What a surprise it was at how good the product was; within days I saw improvement in my foot’s appearance and I was happy. I was even more pleased when I realized that this was a product of Jamaica. I loved it! My foot still has some way to go before it’s completely healed but I’m proud to say that most of the affected areas are all cleared and just a little way to go.




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