A Travel Monger’s Dream Vacations

Greetings Lovelies!

I’ve always been a wayward wanderer. A free-spirit forced to be rooted in one place while I plot my escape and world adventures. A dream job for me is to spend a year or 2 as a travel writer and blogger, keeping millions of readers in tune and up-to-date with all my happenings and goings and comings. An escape from the mundane 9 to 5 or in my case sunrise to sunrise in this medical world and just let the wild dreamer roam.

So I’ve decided to put pen to paper or in this case finger to keyboard and share with you my top 5 places that I’ve been dying to visit. There are so many places I would love to visit that if I were to list them all I would run out of characters for this post. I therefore have decided to narrow it down to my top 5 and trust me this was REALLLLY HARD!!!! But I managed to do it and here they are:

Image result for australia

1. Australia

Image result for italy

2. Italy

Image result for south africa

3. South Africa

Image result for brazil

4. Brazil

Image result for caribbean

5. Caribbean

I know this may seem a little bit kooky. I mean why does a Jamaican girl write that she wants to visit and vacation in the Caribbean? Well that’s just it. Aside from my lovely home in Jamaica, I’ve yet to venture outside and visit other Caribbean islands. I want to wine up my body at Trinidad Carnival or maybe stay and enjoy Diwali, I want to enjoy Crop Over in Barbados and go Eastern Caribbean Island hopping. I want to truly appreciate and enjoy all of what my Caribbean neighbours have to offer me.

Where would you like to escape to? Leave a comment below and share your dream vacations with me. I would love to know.

Nom Nom: Roe Japanese Sushi and Tea House

Konichiwa Readers!

One of my reasons for starting this blog is to not only chronicle my experiences but also force myself to try new things and step outside my comfort zone. And this sure was an experience.

This was my first time EVER trying Japanese food and I must say I absolutely loved it. Spoiler alert, I never kept it that authentic because I have cooked Sushi instead of eating it raw but it was still really good. Salmonella ain’t gonna catch me. No sir not today! So without further ado.

For appetizers, we had Baby Octopus and Crabsticks.


Baby Octopus in all its delicious glory! So yummy! Sorry octopuses!


Crabsticks! Oh yes please!

Confession time, I don’t quite remember the name of the different rolls we had. But damn they were good. Feel your belly growling in 3…..2…..1……




And since it was someone’s birthday, we even got a complimentary cheese cake and a happy birthday cheer to boot. Ain’t life grand.


Roe Japanese restaurant is a quaint little restaurant located in Sovereign North, Kingston, Jamaica. It’s a wonderful entry into the world of Japanese cuisine. The atmosphere was great and the staff friendly. Man! I can’t wait to try and experience more.

Overall Rating: Image result for 4 stars

For more info: Roe Japanese Cuisine

Unit 5, 6 Barbican Rd, Kingston.

Phone No:  (876) 977-2114

Rick’s Cafe

World Renowned Rick’s Cafe is the adventurist’s greatest delight. Cliff diving, live entertainment and a breathtaking view to make the perfect recipe for a day out on the town.

Located in the western parish of Negril, Westmoreland in Jamaica, this long time favourite has been a local and tourist favourite since April 1974.

The highest cliff is estimated to be approximately 35 feet so for all you risk takers out there hoo ha! But if you’re a little less daring, don’t worry because there are many diving levels to accommodate your comfort level. PArents can jump, children too, grandparents if you dare. It’s a great adventure for the whole family.

So without further ado…..


Image result for rick's cafe logo

Image result for rick's cafe logo

Nom Nom: Di Grill Shack

Image result for di grill shack

Evolution is a beautiful thing. It’s how we grow and survive the stresses of the world. To evolve is to strengthen our ability to live the new day to the fullest. And that’s just what Di Grill Shack Gourmet Restaurant .

From humble beginnings in Sovreign Centre to a stand alone titan located on Phoenix Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica; Di Grill Shack is the epitome of evolution.


I regretfully have to admit that I was late to this lovefest of mouthwatering, belly-filling meals.  A delectable taste of flavours in each bite that send me on a ride of pure unadultarated pleasure. Not to mention, with friendly staff and speedy service, your dining experience is truly special.


Oh if only words could truly describe how amazing the food was. Alas, in the age of technology, one can only hope a few pictures can suffice. Here’s just a little preview of the exquisite, enticing and yummy.

Displaying IMG_20161229_152719.jpg


Overall Rating:  4 STARS

For further info:

Di Grill Shack     1 876 968 0125     9-11 Phoenix Avenue

101 things to do in 1001 days

Recently I’ve been feeling a little uninspired and stuck. Like I see the days moving around me but nothing is changing but the seasons. I love to challenge myself to do more, do better and be better each day. I want to live an inspired life daily.

I first saw this challenge a few years ago on a Jamaican blogger’s site and I instantly felt motivated to do the same. However, life interspersed with procrastination happened so I didn’t quite compile my own list. But I was browsing around the net today and again I was greeted with this idea. So I was like what the heck, no time like the present. So here goes…

Start Date: June 18, 2016

Deadline: March 23, 2019


  1. Ask 15 friends what their favourite book is and read them all. My love of reading makes this an excellent challenge for me.
  2. Plant one thing I can eat. Eat what you grow, grow what you eat.
  3. Take a hand lettering/ calligraphy course
  4. Make 30 new dinner recipes
  5. Go on a photo walk
  6. Eat at 10 new restaurants
  7. Go to a kickboxing class
  8. Try yoga
  9. Host a ‘favourite things’ party
  10. Knit/ Crochet a scarf
  11. Meet up with a friend once a month for a year
  12. Try rock climbing
  13. Host or participate in a book club
  14. Set up an outdoor movie night
  15. Go strawberry picking
  16. Do 30 push ups in a row
  17. Read the Harry Potter Book series
  18. Go Bowling
  19. Host a Friendsgiving
  20. Collaborate on something with someone
  21. Do a 30 day yoga challenge
  22. Buy flowers for a stranger
  23. Pay for someone in the line
  24. Bake 30 new desserts
  25. Go to dinner by myself
  26. Make bread
  27. Make pizza
  28. Go out for a girl’s night every 3 months
  29. Buy a lottery ticket
  30. Host a dinner/ murder mystery party
  31. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
  32. Wake up at 5am everyday for a month
  33. Complete the 30 Day Shred
  34. Complete Ripped in 30
  35. Complete Insanity
  36. Complete P90x
  37. Take a cooking ckass
  38. Go to bed 11pm every night for a month (except duty nights)
  39. Go salsa dancing  – DONE
  40. Swim with dolphins
  41. Collaborate with 2 brands or bloggers
  42. Read 30 new books
  43. Take surfing lessons
  44. Plan a surprise for someone I love – DONE
  45. Move out of my parents’ house
  46. Learn to make jewelry
  47. Do a sugar detox for one month
  48. Build/ Make something
  49. Ride a mechanical bull
  50. Explore a cave
  51. Plank for 2 mins non stop
  52. Write a new blog post every month
  53. Go to a wine tasting
  54. Learn a new language
  55. See a play on Broadway
  56. Speak/ Present in front of 1000 people
  57. Achieve ideal weight
  58. Spend 30 minutes everyday writing for 30 days
  59. Finish NaNoWriMo
  60. Read through the entire bible
  61. Have a girls getaway weekend with my besties.
  62. Have a costume party.
  63. Learn to play an instrument
  64. Declutter my room and Purge my closet
  65. Make 5 new friends – DONE
  66. Publish 5 articles (0/5)
  67. Go camping under the stars
  68. Travel to another country
  69. Go ziplining
  70. Donate 101 things I no longer need
  71. Send somebody a care package for no reason
  72. Go scuba diving snorkeling
  73. Take an unplanned roadtrip
  74. Learn a new skill
  75. Hide a note inside a book in a library or book store
  76. Save $5000 per month for a fun reward at the end
  77. Take a shot with the bartender
  78. Run a 5k without stopping
  79. Go to and complete a writer’s workshop
  80. Go to a major sporting event
  81. Go to a major concert/ festival
  82. Stop procrastinating and start doing
  83. Start asking for what I want
  84. Start bargaining more and asking for discounts
  85. Go skydiving
  86. Save a life – DONE
  87. Go to comicon
  88. Carnival in Trinidad
  89. Have enough money to feed 2 families at Christmas
  90. Spend the whole weekend partying – DONE
  91. Go snowboarding
  92. Fly in a hot air balloon
  93. Be an extra in a movie
  94. Enter a ballroom/ salsa dancing competition
  95. Go ice skating
  96. Climb the Statue of Liberty
  97. Fly on a trapeze
  98. Eat in an American diner
  99. Make someone’s day everyday for a year
  100. Go on a cruise
  101. Live in a foreign country for at least 6 months


Progress Tracker: 

Not Yet Started: 96                 In Progres:                       Completed: 5

L.A. Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss Swatch & Review

Hey guys and gals,

Are you looking for a great colour payout on a tight budget? Do you want to make that pout show off wonderful shades and sleek lips? Are you looking for a pop of colour to brighten and complete any outfit? .Then look no further because the LA Girls Matte Flat finish pigment is here to save the day.

This product has been permeating through the beauty market for a while now. Almost on par with a cult classic, this lipgloss has been dubbed a fave for many makeup fanatics worldwide and is especially great for the gal on a budget who still wants to look as fly as can be.


The website has aptly described this product as blurring the lines between lipstick and lipgloss, which provides a rich intense colour in a flat finish for all day wear.The long wearing formula goes on as a high pigmented liquid and dries to a flat matte finish. Leaving lips colored in gorgeous velvety perfection that last and lasts.

And trust me.. they did not disappoint. The line comes in 16 amazing shades and provides a variety of colours for every skin tone possible, so no one feels left out in this great adventure of makeup. So have I wetted your appetite yet? Good…let’s begin.



Here are the ones I got:


TIMELESS- A cool, mid–tone pink that has an almost purple undertone to it.20160127_221716

FRISKY- A bold classic red colour.20160127_221803

SECRETA deep red with blue undertones that’s just a bit deeper than your classic red.20160127_221832

BLACK CURRANT– A deep dark purple colour that looks amazing on all skin tones.20160127_221937

BACKSTAGE- A dark burgundy/wine colour.20160127_222038

STUNNER- A bright neon purple colour with blue undertones.













Price: Each retails at $5 US a pop and can be bought online. See the link here: https://www.lagirlusa.com/Matte-Pigment-Gloss-3411.html or at your local drugstore/ pharmacy.

Here in Jamaica I found this product at Discount Pharmacy and Mall Pharmacy, although I’m sure they are sold elsewhere. Cost was $500 +tax

Packaging: It comes in a clear plastic casing which gives you an impression of the colour to expect. Each gloss comes with a doe foot applicator which is perfect for applying smoothly and evenly.


Order: Backstage. Secret. Frisky. Black Currant. Stunner. Timeless.


LA Girls Swatches

Product impression: Smooth, clean application that dries within a few minutes. Feels like velvet on the lips and is rich with an exceptional colour payoff. Has a rich liquid texture, amazing staying power. Yes ladies and gents it is smudge proof and transfer proof. Whoohoo! Best of all I find these lippies very true to the colour presented. Awesome huh?It definitely lives up to the claims!

So what do you think? Have you tried these before? Love it? Hate it? Comment below!

Product Review: Whitfield’s Ointment

Our Jamaican have always faced fierce competition from our overseas counterparts. No matter what the product, whether or not it’s grown or made here, or if the price is fairly manageable and non-taxable, our products are always facing a serious challenge.

Part of it comes from the stigma that Jamaican products are not good or are inferior to our overseas counterparts or that our local producers send the best overseas and leave the little ‘flaw-flaw’ to the locals. Another part stems from the fact that many claim our local products are too pricey (despite the fact that many of our local products are non-taxed and actually work out cheaper than the foreign goods after tax is added).  And others are just very foreign minded. Whatever the reason is it needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW!

I’m a firm believer in Buy Jamaica and trying as best as possible to purchase our local products. Yes it may be a bit difficult since we do not make everything but the fact remains that if we don’t buy it who will? This neo-colonialist mentality where we appreciate overseas products more than our own needs to change and we need to start paying some attention to our own goods. Think of the multiplier effect if we did, I buy more local products, local business booms and invests in locals, more jobs, more income, less government taxes. The possibilities are endless!

That being said, I want to dedicate some time on my blog to promote as many local products as possible. My country, my products, my voice! So the product I want to introduce and speak to you today is called Bunny’s Whitfield’s Ointment made by a local company called Bunny Products.

This is an antifungal agent that treats fungal infections on areas such as the feet and sad to say I was a victim of this. It’s very embarrassing to admit but on the sole of my left foot I was having a fungal problem. It started with noticeable stripping off of the feet in one area and then completely spread across my feet to the heel and sides everywhere! It was a disaster and I was so embarrassed. I went to doctor who gave me an ointment and admittedly it came off at first but then the problem started again and the next 2 times I received the ointment didn’t help. What was I going to do now? L

One day I went shopping in Halfway Tree with my aunt and we went into Woolworth.  We were looking around and that’s when I saw this random product on the shelf. I read the label and just shrugged and said ‘I guess it couldn’t hurt’ and purchased it. What a surprise it was at how good the product was; within days I saw improvement in my foot’s appearance and I was happy. I was even more pleased when I realized that this was a product of Jamaica. I loved it! My foot still has some way to go before it’s completely healed but I’m proud to say that most of the affected areas are all cleared and just a little way to go.



Fort Charles, The Armour of Kingston

Greetings everyone,

There is something about living in a routine. Having a scheduled life. Day in and  day out, you do the same set of things or a pre-listed set of tasks. It keeps you organized and productive, but it can also lead to many missed adventures. Not to mention it is quite BORING!!!! Spontaneity is the spice of life. It keeps us energized and vitalized and it’s most definitely fun. To learn, to travel, to experience and to make lasting memories to quench your thirst and satisfy the insatiable appetite for life. My goal is to travel every nook and cranny of my beautiful island of Jamaica and to help find some fun yet relatively inexpensive ways to enjoy myself and create memories that last a lifetime. Later, I take on the world at large.

During high school, one of my favourite subjects to study was History. I loved to learn about the past of my country, region and the world. I had a thirst for knowledge that could be quenched once I knew as much as possibly about a particle era. Unfortunately, reading and experiencing are 2 different things. Like me, many persons have heard about historical sites in their country but have never ventured outside their normal routines to even visit it. Well that had to change.

A few years ago, I had an exchange student from Spain staying with me while he was on his medical elective. And one of the things he said to me which I actually found quite funny was that he didn’t think Port Royal really existed. He thought it was a made up place from Pirates of the Caribbean much like Gotham City in the batman cartoons, comics and movies. When he told me this I had to laugh. It seems that many persons in foreign countries really think it’s a mythical place rather than the place of rich history that resides on the island of Jamaica. Therefore, I think you know where I’m going with this. Our first stop in this Road Trip JA feature will be taking us to ……… dum dum dum…….. Port Royal, Jamaica. And for those of you who didn’t know PORT ROYAL REALLY EXISTS!!!!!

Let’s start off with a little history lesson. Originally colonized by the Spanish, but attacked and captured by the English in 1655, Port Royal was a prominent coastal community during Jamaica’s colonisation by the British. It was actually one of the richest places in the world of the time and one of the largest English towns. It was designed to serve as a defensive fortification, guarding the harbour entrance, and providing a platform for the easy loading and unloading of ships- large and small.

My friend Juan, the exchange student. Seeing is truly believing

However, it’s social milieu left much to be desired in the realm of morality. Because of its good natural harbor and key position, Port Royal quickly became a major haven for pirates and buccaneers, who were made welcome because of the need for defenders.  It was a place of criminals, pirates, concubines and rampaged by every demoralized person of the time. Or so they say. It was filled with gold and jewels from all over the world.

The Folly Playhouse

So whatever happened to it you ask? Why is Jamaica a third world country despite these periods of prosperity? Well apart from our poor management or rather the government’s poor management of our funds and our underdeveloped industries, there were a few earthquakes and much of Port Royal is now buried below sea level. The major earthquake which lead to the ultimate desolation of Port Royal was the one in 1692. Aha! So that’s what happened. Yes yes it did.

Fooling around in the Folly Playhouse

My friend Keyva. Can you say planking?

Today, Port Royal is a small coastal fishing village. It has retained very little of its previous structures, although some old buildings and artifacts are still intact. So if you’re a history lover or just a regular old traveller, then you should check it out. Rumour has it that much of the gold is still buried underwater, not that i’m sending anyone to go diving for treasure or anything.

For a more detailed history, check out these sites: History LessonHistory Lesson 2History Lesson 3
We ended up visiting Fort Charles, a re-erected structure originally called Fort Cromwell. It serves as an official heritage site with a museum, restaurant, a gift shop and my favourite the Folly Playhouse wheee!!! (you’ll soon see why). The official opening hours for you travel lovers are Sunday to Saturday 9:00 am – 4: 45 pm and it’s closed on holidays. There is an entry fee of $400 for Jamaicans and it’s $20 US I think for foreigners I’m not too sure but you’ll have to check it out. I personally think it’s a little costly, though not really expensive but we aren’t really doing much rather than walking around and looking at a few artifacts but I think it is worth the trip to learn a little more about Jamaica’s history. It’s better to go as a group though much more fun.

Captivated by the view